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October 2018 - My Thoughts on the Flag

“I was a paratrooper on D-Day...We were dropped behind the enemy lines before the attack began.” I was stunned by his reply. Bill was an employee of ours during my time working in the family construction business many years ago. We were working on a small rock crusher and having a difficult time in getting it to work. It was a very hot day full of difficult work and, during this shared misery, we started swapping stories about ourselves. It was then that I found out he had been in the military. One question led to another and I was stunned to hear him state what he did.

Bill was near retirement at the time and although a great guy to work with, had not been very successful financially. After recovering from his revelation, I peppered him with questions about his experiences. I had enough book knowledge to know a little of the trials shared by those soldiers who were dropped behind enemy lines on that day. In my way of thinking this guy was a genuine hero; yet he was humble and quiet and, typi-cal of his generation, he didn’t think much about it afterwards. Many from that era viewed their military career as a job they needed to do and they just did it.

I have never been in the military but have always had a strong respect for it. I have two uncles and a father-in-law that were in the military–two of them in Korea, one with a bronze star. I had a great uncle that fought at Iwo Jima, another relative that fought in the Civil War and was imprisoned at Andersonville, GA. I saw his name on the roster at the camp museum. He lost an arm but survived and returned to Putnam County and raised 10 children.

I remember reading about a father and son losing their lives in the same skirmish in the battle for Baltimore during the Revolutionary War. That was the same battle when Francis Scott Key saw the American Flag still flying after a deluge of bombardments from British war ships in the harbor all night long. Mr. Scott was onboard a prison ship in the same body of water and could just make out the flag still waving by the light of the bombs bursting all around it in the early morning light.

I have always been amazed at these real events with real people sacrificing their “normal” lives to help provide the freedom that we all enjoy and so easily take for granted. It also saddens me how at different seasons of our nation’s history, honor and respect for our flag have become unpopular. I do not dispute that people have the constitutional right in our country to disrespect the flag for whatever reason they choose. It just seems terribly ironic that they have the freedom to show that disrespect as a direct result of the sacrifice of others who cherished and defended that right and the flag that it represents.

I remember years ago while in a socialist country suddenly finding myself in the middle of a shouting angry throng of people. The emotional catharsis of the crowd reached it climax when they burned the American flag amidst shouts of, roughly translated, “Down with America!” I was appalled, of course, and I remember wondering how many of them would be thrilled to be able to come to America and enjoy its freedoms. I know I was very glad that I was privileged to come back home. After visiting many countries over the years, it is still a special thrill to come home to America.

I am often close to tears when the flag is marched by, being honored and carried by active or retired military personnel. Because—to me—the flag is symbolic of hard-fought freedom. Again I will say that Americans absolutely have the right to disrespect their country’s flag, but I also have the right to disagree and not watch them do it or support their sentiments.

I extend my respect and gratitude to those of you—clients, family, friends, and acquaintances—who have served our country. Your service and sacrifice is greatly appreciated and I choose to honor the flag in recognition of what you have done. (Post script—I attended the funeral of one of these uncles this past weekend and there was a beautiful flag ceremony as part of the tribute. It was very moving and underscored my devotion to the flag and my respect for my uncle.)



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