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03-01-2016 - March Newsletter & Time to Vote

Can you feel it??  Spring is inevitably coming - sometime soon! 

I am always amazed and blessed by those folks who find good in every season.  When it snows, they love snow.  When it's sultry and hot, they enjoy the heat.  When there is change afoot, they are ready for the change.  I think that's symbolic, in a way, of another kind of contentment. 

Are we equally ready for change in our lives?  If there is an air of change, do we run and hide or face it head on?  I would love to be one of those people who "find good in every season."  I am hoping that the changing seasons serve as a reminder to me of my desire to face change well!!

March Newsletter

Our office is busy preparing our March newsletter "Faith Focus" that is sent to homes quarterly.   (If you do not get that newsletter and would like to, please contact us and give us your address and we'll add you to the list at no charge.)

If you've been reading the newsletter for awhile, you know that it usually starts with a personal story or reflection from Gary.  This issue will not disappoint!  He shares from some of his 'life verses' in Romans chapter 12 -- with some challenges to us along the way.  I am currently reading through Romans very slowly (it's a journey I've been on for quite awhile to try to really digest what is there) and this week I find myself in Romans chapter 12 as well.  It contains verses that are easy to read and hard to live out.  After wading through so much doctrine in the earlier chapters, it should be a relief to get to shorter sentences and more straight-forward truths.  EXCEPT the action that is required to obey this chapter is a LOT harder than reading doctrine!! 

Be sure to look for your newsletter soon -- we enjoy meeting you there! (Also look for an article on "Statistics and the Market" in this issue)

Time to Vote

In Ohio, the primary election is coming soon.  We have a great privilege and responsibility to not only inform ourselves about the candidates and their values and qualifications, but also to VOTE. It is my hope that you will take time to do both.  If you are unsure whether you can still register, when your election is, or how to proceed, please look at the chart below or call your local election board.  Citizenship is a terrible thing to waste!!

Election Dates and deadlines by state