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04/26/2016 - 7 Habits of Healthy Couples & Online Billpay Services

"It is easier to practice healthy habits than to break bad ones."  

Many of us find that both of these things are difficult!! We want to cultivate a life of meaning and order and health, but we are so used to being 'us' and doing what we've always done.  I, for example, want to walk more for my mental and physical health.  It is springtime and birds are chirping and the sun has finally decided to shine and it should be EASY for me to go out and walk.  But getting up out of my chair and putting my shoes on is a HUGE hurdle for me!!  Maybe you can relate?  I hope you'll enjoy this Conversation with us -- and then get up and go take a walk!!


7 Habits of Healthy Couples

In Crystal McDowell's article "7 Habits of Healthy Couples", she points us to 7 habits to cultivate in our marriage relationships.   She cites the habits of grace, prayer, time, listening, restraint, serving, and joy. 

Lately, I have found restraint to be significantly important in relationships. Crystal points out that 'holding back' when we have a right or a reason to do something is a mark of spiritual maturity -- and it gives God time and room to do His work.

7 Habits of Healthy Couples - entire article

Why Use Online Billpay Services?

 Avoid Late Fees - Many online bill pay services can alert you when bills arrive and when bills are due so you don't ever "forget" your bills.

Automate it - Most services also provide the ability to automate your payments. You establish how much needs to be paid where, on what day of the month and the service will pay it for you every time. You won't even have to think about it.

Be Nimble, Be Quick - Accessing the Internet takes only a few seconds and so does paying your bills with an online bill paying service. With most services you can pay more than one bill at once and all your billing information is saved automatically once you enter it. Therefore, paying a bill requires only a simple mouse click.

Access It Whenever - Using the Internet to pay your bills means that you can do it on your own time whether it be at night, on the weekend or even on a trip.

Be Secure - with the majority of identity theft occurring from mail theft, online bill paying services offer security in your transactions. All online bill paying services use the latest technology and security to keep your information safe. Passwords and security keys are required to access your accounts and all your information is encrypted.

Get E-bills - You can clear your mailbox of bills all together if you wish. Many major companies now provide e-bills that are sent to your online bill paying service electronically freeing you of the paperwork.

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