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June 2016 - Grave Concern about Freedom and Responsibility!

Dear Valued Clients;

“I will be thinking of you this weekend.”  “We’ll be praying for you on Saturday.”  These comments and more by friends and clients initially took me by surprise until they explained.  The second anniversary of our son Andrew’s death, Saturday June 4, was approaching.  Shannon said that several dear folks had mentioned this to her also.  We had been so busy that it had not been on our radar as a special day, but were very touched by so many who were thinking and praying for us.  I’ve said this before but it bears repeating, the reason Shannon and I are grieving in such a constructive manner is because of all the people praying for us.  Thank you so much!

Andrew is never far from our thoughts and we do not really need an anniversary to remember him.   We have learned that everyone grieves in their own way and at their own pace.  Our hearts go out to all of you who are grieving right now. 

Our thoughts often go to Andrew when we see/hear/feel the political turmoil going on around us.  We adopted Andrew when he was 9 days old through private proceedings.  It was truly a miracle on many levels!  When we held him in our arms that first time, we were totally thankful to God and awestruck at being privileged to have that little child in our care.  Andrew’s birth mother was preparing to schedule an abortion when “God circumstances” intervened and saved his life.  Except for that intervention, by the time we held him in our arms he would already have been murdered by an abortionist.  Pretty dramatic difference, isn’t it? 

Andrew’s presence in this world changed our lives and it was not always an easy road, to say the least.  But we never once thought it would have been better if he had been murdered instead of coming home with us.  Is it any wonder that I see red, deep anger and grief when I hear the reasons put forth by political forces justifying unfettered access to abortion?  Oftentimes the end game is to make it available for any reason at any time.  Contrary to vocalized altruistic justifications, it is usually about money, votes, and power.  Shannon and I will never vote for a presidential candidate whose platform vigorously supports abortion on demand.  Politicians say it provides a choice for the biological parent, but we know it also takes the choice away from the most vulnerable and helpless.  Who stands up for them?

You could scornfully call us one-issue voters if you like.  But we are not shallow by any definition.  We can share our opinions on any number of very important issues like limited government, the economy, jobs, and foreign policy.  However, there is no issue that strikes to the heart of our character as a nation than killing our unborn, helpless children!  We don’t care if all nations of the world are doing it.  Who wants to be like the rest of the world anyway?  We have been privileged to be in many different nations and let me tell you that, except for some isolated situations, we don’t want our goals to be just like the rest of the world!

So we will put our own interests aside.  We will hold our nose if necessary because of arrogant politicians and still vote.  We will refuse to be politically offended to the point of not voting, no matter how bad the offense.  We will certainly not waste our vote for a third party candidate, just so we can proudly say we followed our principles.  Literally millions of unborn children are at stake in this election.  There are only two political parties that will decide the election.  Whether you like our choices or the system that produces them or not, your vote may decide who lives and who dies.  Is it not worth the effort to at least consider the gravity of the choice you, as a voter, will make?


cfd Spring Conference—Gary had the privilege of speaking six times as a presenter for the Spring cfd Investments Conference in Kokomo, Indiana.  He, along with 11 other presenters, was asked to speak about best business practices and areas of strength in his financial firm.   The 12 presenters were all qualifiers for the cfd Presidential Advisers trip to Playa del Carman, Mexico in February.  Gary presented on how to build relationships with clients, increase trust through listening and expertise, and how to maintain effective office systems so that clients are well cared for.  Gary was accompanied by three of his staff members—his wife, Shannon Reese; Kathi Dunlap, business consultant; and Lynda Rodabaugh, Administrative Assistant.   He is also assisted by Renea Zimmerman, Office Assistant.

Ft. Wayne Area Homeschool Convention—Gary spoke at the Ft. Wayne Area Homeschool Convention on May 14 on the topic “Investments 101: Teach Your Children from this Toolkit.” This session was designed to help families understand the importance of having a contingency fund, starting with savings (before investing), and then where to start when they are ready to enter the investment arena.  He also explained Biblically Responsible Investing, a way to align your investments with your values. 

Lake Tahoe Gleaner “Conference of Excellence” - Gary qualified for the Gleaner Life Insurance Society’s Conference of Excellence in Lake Tahoe in June.   He and his wife, Shannon, will spend 5 days with other Gleaner agents, gaining connections and encouragement.  Gleaner Life Insurance Society is the 501(c)8 fraternal organization that underwrites the new Riley Creek Arbor service club (next page.)  They also offer the “Just for Kids’” life insurance policies that have been so beneficial for many of our clients and friends, which we featured in a previous newsletter.


The staff of Faith Investment Services is pleased to announce the formation of a new service club in Bluffton—the Riley Creek Arbor.  An arbor is a   local service club, organized and operated by Gleaner members. Gleaner supports the arbors with matching funds and donations to charities of their choice.  This arbor is associated with Gleaner Life Insurance Society based in Adrian, MI.

Riley Creek Arbor held a start-up dinner on June 2, 2016 at Jeanne’s Kitchen in Bluffton.  Three community volunteers were recognized at the dinner, including Misha Groman, Paul Ginther, and Fred Steiner.  Misha was recognized for the renovation of the Benroth Bridge in Bluffton (in conjunction with the Eagle Scout project).  Paul was recognized for his influence and involvement with youth in the Bluffton and Pandora, and Fred was recognized for his impact and leadership with the Bluffton Area Chamber of Commerce.  They were each given an engraved clock and a Lifetime Membership to Gleaner, which includes a $5,000 accidental death policy. 

The officers of the new Arbor include Gary Reese as president, Shannon Reese as vice president, Scott Basinger as treasurer, Kathi Dunlap as secretary & reporter, and Lynda Rodabaugh as Chaplain.  The group is open to Gleaner members and membership forms can be obtained by contacting us.


We want to congratulate a local company with whom we have a special relationship, Advanced Vision Care of Lima, OH, on their upcoming move. 

Their new offices, which will be located at 2300 Baton Rouge Drive, Lima, Ohio 45805, will allow them to continue providing first-class care to their patients. Congratulations and best wishes to Dr. Michael Craig, Dr. Mary Shenouda, and their caring staff.


We have opened our new office at 122 N. Main Street, Bluffton, OH where Gary is available by appointment.  This office is staffed most weekday mornings from 9 am—1 pm if you want to come in to arrange an appointment or pick up/drop off paperwork.  We believe that the best financial conversations are those that are planned and prepared.  When someone wants to talk with Gary, we first send (or give) him or her a Personal Information Questionnaire that is used to gather pertinent financial information all in one place.  After completing this simple form, a personal appointment or teleconference can be scheduled, depending on distance and desire.  We do not charge to have a conversation and these first appointments are often a time to ask questions and explain your situation or needs.   There is never any obligation to do business with us.  It is our goal to ultimately build a relationship with you, if you feel comfortable and interested in our services.  We proceed from there.  

It should be noted that our mailing address has not changed.   All mail should be directed to:  Faith Investment Services, 177 Hillcrest Drive, Bluffton, OH  45817    Our phone number remains (419) 358-4207 and our fax number is (614) 559-4605.   Gary can be reached directly at

We are happy to be a part of the downtown Bluffton community!!