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07/05/2016 - 'Never' too soon & World magazine

Sometimes when we find something that is helpful, we want to 'pass it along.'  I hope you'll receive the 2nd article in this newsletter as that sort of thing...  We are not affiliated with World magazine nor do we gain any compensation from them.  We just happen to like what they are doing and want to recommend them to you.  Feel free to pass this along to others via the "forward this email" link at the bottom.  Thanks!

'Never' too soon

excerpted from World magazine June 11, 2016 by Joel Belz

"I can't believe the mess we're in," one of my very savvy political friends fretted to me the other day. "How will we ever get it all straightened out by November?"

Well, we won't. But one of the wonderful things the Bible makes clear about our great God is that He never seems to be in a hurry. Quick to show mercy-yes! But undoing the awful calamities His people regularly bring on themselves? No...

Does God seem a little slow right now getting to the scene of the breakdown? Are you frustrated because He hasn't made clear yet (to you, at least) which candidate should get your support in this fall's presidential election-and maybe some other offices as well? Does it frustrate you to be reduced to phrases like "NeverTrump" or "Worser of Two Evils"?

So keep this in mind, please: If the God of the universe takes His time sorting things out, why should you rush to judgment? If in His order of things, you're allowed six more months to make up your mind about who should be our next president, why's it so important that you show how smart you are by announcing your decisions even before God has made His purpose clear?

 (The rest of the article can be read in World magazine  - see below.  The focus of the article is that we, as Christians, shouldn't be so 'sure of ourselves' and so quick to make our final decision this election year.  Nor should we despair to the point of not voting at all -- God can and will make His purposes clear if we trust Him and not ourselves.)

WORLD Magazine

by Kathi Dunlap

WORLD Magazine first caught my attention about 20 years ago.  It was a fledgling Christian magazine that also published children's weekly news magazines. It was high-quality, ambitious, and thoughtful.  While I didn't necessarily agree with everything they produced, I respected their mission and the quality of the publication.

I bought the children's magazines and used them in our homeschool. From time to time, I subscribed to WORLD itself and thoughtfully read its articles. Lately, I have been a subscriber for the past couple of years.

If you are looking for a news source that is unapologetically Christian and yet is willing to tackle difficult issues, face them with compassion, and expand your thinking, then I think you would enjoy WORLD.   Can I encourage you to consider a monthly membership or a yearly subscription? 

To subscribe and become a WORLD member