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Whose Money Is It?

Have you known parents who don't update their own wardrobe, don't save for a rainy day, and don't have basic protection such as life insurance -- but they buy their kids whatever they want?  It can be easy to perceive spending as love and to feel guilty if you don't give your kids what they ask for.

But is that sound thinking?

Is Your Money Yours or Your Children's?

Inheritance - According to Proverbs 13:22: “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children.” (NKJV)  There is nothing wrong with leaving an inheritance and it can be a good, godly thing to do.  But is there ever a time that you should not do it?

  • What if your children are not able to handle money well?
  • What if they do not share your values, especially to the point that the money would support things contrary to your values?
  • What if they struggle with addiction or some other compulsive behavior where additional money would actually cause harm?

While living - What about giving money to your children while you are living?  Or buying things for them?  It's good to help them out, right?

  • What if handing your teenage or adult children money actually removes the incentive to work?
  • What if they don't value the gifts or blessings they've been given because they feel entitled to receive from you?
  • What if your own living conditions suffer because you give more than you can truly afford to?
  • What if you aren't prepared for the future in prudent ways because you spent instead of saved?

There are no absolutes here.  It is important to walk in peace -- with your spouse, your conscience, and your Lord's wisdom.  If you feel you may be enabling your children in unhealthy ways, it may be worth a conversation with a trusted friend or advisor.